Promotional Calendars

Calendars are one of the easiest and cheapest promotional tools to showcase your brand, products and services throughout the year. You can still take advantage of the design, according to its commercial temporality, and strengthen those months with specific promotional messages for sales potencies.

You can order your calendar in standard papers (coated), synthetic or creative papers (laid and metallized) that will make your calendar more eye-catching and exclusive.

You can also apply combinations of finishes, such as 2D-3D varnish, gold or silver stamping, laser die or white ink on creative color papers such as Sirio Ultra Black, Nettuno Rosso Fuoco, Materica Kraft, Sirio Pearl Aurum, Sirio Pearl Platinum, Curious Metallized (blue, colored and silver) to achieve very original effects.

It is essential to check that the dates are adequate and that the holidays correspond to the official days. It is also essential to take into consideration the uses made of the abbreviations of the days of the week or the months in the language we use.

Wall Calendars

They are ideal for a more eye-catching design. You can choose between a multitude of formats and papers to make it more attractive, and select the number of months per sheet (monthly or bi-monthly) according to the needs of each user.

Table Calendars

Very practical to put on counters or office desks, a reason more than enough to show your brand and promotional messages in distributors, service customers and employees throughout the year.

Calendars Poster, Pocket

They are a very practical promotional medium for shops and shops, restaurants, food services at home, repair, etc. The pocket format can be used as a business card to attach to business correspondence or distribute it as promotional advertising.

What is PVC and what are its advantages?

This is an ultra-light support, made from a very resistant plastic material, since it is expanded PVC, uniquely ready for printing.

It was patented more than thirty years ago and since its inception was positioned as an ideal material for the production of posters, signs and models thanks to its simplicity of handling and cutting, as well as its reproduction quality.

Advantages of PVC

Its resistance is very high, since it maintains its shape and color stability even in humid environments. It is scratch-proof, and despite its lightness it is solid and firm, making it suitable for light assemblies and temporary screens.

In case these advantages were not enough, it is also an economic material, which allows to make large format pieces at very affordable costs.

Adapted rubber key rings

The rubber key rings are trendy, is an original gift and really useful for all kinds of promotional and promotional events. In Astur Pins we work since two thousand ten with the most advanced advertising agencies, working with the best materials so that you have a unique rubber key ring.

Impact your service customers with your original and exclusive rubber key rings.

In we guarantee a premium finish with high quality PVC (both 2D PVC and 3D PVC), which you can customize with photographs, company logo or brand image. is a company of specialists in promotional products, we have exclusive manufacturing and we are focused on promotional gifts, promotional or corporate working with advertising agencies, companies and private service customers.